Red Clover Herb

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Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense

This is the state flower of Vermont! We grow clover as a cover crop to nourish and improve the soil, and also as an herb we harvest. Red clover grows wild all over Vermont and our farm. We harvest aerial portions and will pick blossoms if there are enough blooms to pick. We find there is great herbal support in the leaves and stems as well. This herb is known for its nutritive properties and also lymphatic support, cardiac support, immune support and clear skin.

Historically, the Druids believed this herb could ward off witches and the evil spells they cast. While Medieval Christians thought the plant’s three leaves were connected with the holy trinity and the surprise fourth leaf associated with the cross.

As Spring approaches, watch for this herb blossoming along sidewalks, parks, in fields and meadows. We enjoy this herb in tea and tinctures.

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