Taking good care

"We have this intrinsic love of the property and its rich history. I really think you can see and feel all that care in the plants we grow here and send out into the world." - Annie

How it all started...

It all started in 1976, when Peter and Annie met in a bar/art space in New York City-Annie was a waitress, and Peter came in as a customer. As the couple describes it, "That was it!" They spent a few years sharing a loft in downtown SoHo, but eventually thought, "What if we went back to the farm together?" They made the leap back to Peter's family home, the house he grew up in. It was here that Annie's Naturals really came to fruition, as Peter and Annie teamed up with a strong vision of a better way to produce food. They placed the administrative and product development operations on site. Many of the original paintings that now cover the walls of their living and work spaces were created for the labels of Annie's brand products.

The Farm

The farm is situated 1300 feet above sea level in north central Vermont. The highly mineralized upland soils we cultivate have been improved by generations of dairy farmers who had great reverence for this land. We strive to continually increase the productivity of our land while simultaneously producing botanicals of the highest quality which are best suited to our bioregion.


Our idyllic 250-acre homestead and herb farm is situated in northern Vermont, approximately an hour east of Burlington. It represents the most recent undertaking of Annie Christopher and her husband, Peter Backman, co-founders and former owners of beloved wholesome foods brand Annie's Naturals. The land has been in Peter's family since 1823 and was primarily utilized as both a subsistence and a dairy farm over many generations. Now, in the latest chapter of their long and productive history, this land has become the canvas upon which a beautiful masterpiece of sustainable agriculture is being created with a palette of brilliant botanicals.