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Nettle Powder

Nettle Powder

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Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Stinging nettle is traditionally known to strengthen and support the body’s natural processes. The fresh herb can be used topically through self-flagellation stinging the skin around an affected joint, and also to improve skin health. The herb is known to support urinary health and flow. Herbalists love to utilize the leaf and the root, the latter believed to support prostate health. Urtica is a Latin word for “sting,” and dioica is Greek meaning plants that are gendered (separate male and female).

This herb is one of our best sellers and highest yielding crops. Nettle is a vigorous perennial, and we can leave the herb in the same field for two to three years. Even when we till it in after the third year, it will keep popping up, reflecting its resiliency. We can get three harvests from this plant each season, and it does well in both drought and damp seasons. The harvested herb is incredibly versatile and dries quickly. Our crew finds it challenging to work with nettle due to its stinging fibers, but we cover up all exposed skin when working with the plant.

We love adding nettle to meals, into spice blends such as homemade gomasio, and as a soup base via steeped infusion. The sting is lost through processing, including cooking or drying and milling.

Find this supportive plant in our Be Well Blend tea!

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