The Land

The farm is situated at 1300’ in north central Vermont. The highly mineralized upland soils we cultivate have been improved by generations of dairy farmers who had great reverence for this land. We strive to continually increase the productivity of our land while simultaneously producing botanicals of the highest quality which are best suited to our bioregion.

Many of the herbs we cultivate are perennials, which greatly reduces our tillage and helps to build soil microbiology. We take soil tests regularly to accurately address deficiencies and imbalances and constantly turn under a variety of cover crops and mulches to maintain and increase soil organic matter. Much of our fertility comes from cover crops and compost. We mechanically cultivate with precision tractor-mounted implements to control weeds and grow all our own seedlings on-site in three automated greenhouses. Our fields are kept very clean and we're continuously striving to reduce our weed seed bank.