We harvest our botanicals (leaf, flower, and root) at the peak of their potency.

We pack and ship fresh botanicals all over the country so that you can receive the freshest product possible right to your door.



Why order fresh botanicals as opposed to dry?

For some botanicals, the constituent ingredients and essential oils are at peak levels when the plant is fresh rather than dried. Many manufacturers and practitioners prefer certain freshly harvested herbs for their formulas.

Important things to know when sourcing fresh botanicals:

    • Fresh herbs are harvested right on our farm and shipped to you that same day!
    • Fresh leaves and blossoms are shipped UPS Next Day Air with ice packs
    • Fresh roots are shipped UPS 2nd Day Air with ice packs
    • All fresh shipments must be opened and processed immediately upon receipt to ensure maximum potency and freshness, and to avoid spoilage.


CALL (802)-456-1590 




Please call us at 802-456-1590 or email us at to place your fresh orders (leaf, flower or root) for the upcoming season! We encourage you to call or email early; at least one month before harvest time. When you call or email to place your fresh order, we can help you put together your order and also put you on our list to call when harvest time is near. When we are ready to harvest, you will be contacted to confirm your order, and we will provide you with shipping information. We will then custom pack and ship your order.

We will need the following information to place you order: Full name, shipping address, phone number, email address, and your fresh botanicals order


PLEASE NOTE: You will receive notice for your shipment one to two days ahead of time. We cannot precisely determine when we will harvest, as it is based on each botanical’s stage of growth and weather conditions. Harvest dates are often difficult to predict.





Common Name

Botanical Name



1 Alfalfa herb Medicago sativa Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
2 Angelica root Angelica archangelica Fall  $   14.00 Lb.
3 Anise Hyssop herb Agastache foeniculum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
4 Ashwagandha root Withania somnifera Fall  $   18.00 Lb.
5 Basil, Lime herb Ocimum x citriodorum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
6 Basil, Thai herb Ocimum basilicum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
7 Blue Vervain herb Verbena hastata Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
8 Burdock root Articum lappa Fall  $   14.00 Lb.
9 Calendula blossom Calendula officinalis Summer  $   25.00 Lb.
10 California poppy herb Eschscholzia californica Summer  $   17.00 Lb.
11 Catnip herb Nepeta cataria Summer  $   15.00 Lb.
12 Chamomile blossom Matricaria recutita Summer  $   25.00 Lb.
13 Echinacea purpurea herb Echinacea purpurea Summer  $   10.00 Lb.
14 Echinacea purpurea root Echinacea purpurea Fall  $   14.00 Lb.
15 Elderflower blossom Sambucus nigra Summer  $   25.00 Lb.
16 Elecampane root Inula helenium Fall  $   13.00 Lb.
17 Horehound herb Marrubium vulgare Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
18 Hyssop herb Hyssopus officinalis Summer  $   12.00 Lb.
19 Lemon balm herb Melissa officinalis Summer  $   13.00 Lb.
20 Marigold blossom Tagetes erecta Summer  $   25.00 Lb.
21 Marshmallow herb Althaea officinalis Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
22 Marshmallow root Althaea officinalis Fall  $   14.00 Lb.
23 Motherwort herb Leonurus cardiaca Summer  $   13.00 Lb.
24 Mugwort herb Artemisia vulgaris Early Summer  $   13.00 Lb.
25 Milky Oats Avena sativa Late Summer  $   10.00 Lb.
26 Nettle herb Urtica dioica Summer  $   10.00 Lb.
27 Oatstraw Avena sativa Late Summer  $   10.00 Lb.
28 Peppermint herb Mentha x piperita Summer  $   15.00 Lb.
29 Plantain leaf Plantago lanceolata Summer  $   13.00 Lb.
30 Red Clover blossom Trifolium pratense Early Summer  $   25.00 Lb.
31 Skullcap herb Scutellaria lateriflora Summer  $   15.00 Lb.
32 Spearmint herb Mentha x spicata Summer  $   15.00 Lb.
33 Spilanthes herb Acmella oleracea Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
34 Tulsi "Kapoor" herb Ocimum sanctum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
35 Tulsi "Krishna" herb Ocimum tenuiflorum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
36 Tulsi "Rama" herb Ocimum tenuiflorum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
37 Tulsi "Vana" herb Ocimum gratissimum Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
38 Valerian root Valeriana officinalis  Fall  $   15.00 Lb.
39 Wormwood herb Artemisia absinthium Early Summer  $   14.00 Lb.
40 Yarrow herb Achillea millefolium Summer  $   14.00 Lb.