Organic Fresh Botanicals

We harvest our botanicals : leaf, flower, and root, at the peak of their potency. We ship our fresh botanicals all over the country so that you can receive the freshest product possible right to your door.

Please call or email to place your fresh botanical order
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Why do you have a 10 lb minimum? I've ordered less before.

We have a 10lb minimum to make this a viable option for the farm. We are a small operation and have a small crew that hand-picks the fresh botanical orders before any other work has been done on the farm.

Can I pick my own fresh herbs?

There are many reasons we can not allow people to come and go on the farm to pick their own herbs. We are a very small operation and do not have the office staff to manage who is coming and going on the farm. There are also safety, quality control, and insurance issues to consider.