California Poppy


Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica

This bitter herb is highly valued for its ability to calm the body and mind and support sleep. The entire plant is utilized for herbal support. In Native American traditions, the crushed seeds are appreciated as a topical, and the root is considered internally cleansing. Native to Mexico and the Western U.S., the papery bright orange petals close at night and when it is cloudy, and then open up wide beneath the sun during the day. Although this plant is the state flower of California, it grows quite well in our short Vermont season.

This is one of the few herbs that we direct seed into the fields rather than start in the greenhouse. As soon as we can prepare the field for seeding in the Spring, we sow the poppy seeds. We get multiple harvests out of one field and will harvest when these orange beauties have reached peak bloom. At this time, the entire field is blanketed in a bright orange hue, a real crowd pleaser for visitors to the farm.

Find the whole plant in our single-origin botanical extract and Time to Unwind tea blend!

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