Yarrow Powder



Botanical Name: Achillea millefolium

Traditionally incorporated into skincare products and herbal teas, yarrow is considered a common weed with fragrant white or pink flowers. The aerial portions of the herb are known to support healthy blood flow and digestion. According to mythology, Achilles used yarrow to treat wounds on his fellow soldiers. The herb is astringent and used topically to stop bleeding.

Yarrow belongs to the aster family and is a perennial. The herb appreciates hot and dry conditions. We harvest each season at peak flowering in late July. We get one to two harvests per season and rotate the herb after three years. We find this herb attracts many ladybugs!

We share our yarrow stalks with a lovely local woman in East Calais named Jane English who makes I Ching sets with them.

The taste is quite bitter, so best taken via tincture or topically.

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