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Milky Oats

Milky Oats

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Botanical Name: Avena sativa

More will be in stock this summer after harvest.

Oat is often used in combination with other nervine supporting herbs, whether relaxing or stimulating, to strengthen the entire nervous system. Oats are part of the grass family.

We harvest these oat seed tops by hand at the peak milky stage with the same rakes that we use for chamomile. Immediately after harvesting the oat tops, we dry them in our greenhouse on racks with low heat and a fan, and they dry very quickly. Additionally, we grow oats as a cover crop to increase organic matter in the soil.

We find that oats bridge the gap between an herb and a food. Of course, many herbs are incorporated into food, but this is quite possibly the most well-known. The common oat has been eaten for several thousands of years. Herbalists prefer to tincture the milky oat tops fresh and find they tend to work more quickly in acute situations compared to oatstraw.  Learn more about our Fresh Preorder Program here. Oat tops contain exfoliating properties when applied topically, and can be added to skincare recipes, such as body scrub or sitz baths.

Enjoy this herb in our Stress Adapt tea blend and try our oatstraw!

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