Tulsi Vana

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Botanical Name: Ocimum gratissimum

This varietal of holy basil is considered a wild basil or tree basil. We have had strong success growing Tulsi kapoor and decided to try growing other varietals.  Tulsi is native to India and east Africa and is considered an adaptogen, or an herb that is helpful in adapting to stress. The plant is soft and hairy with green leaves. Tulsi vana is known for its fragrance, which is thought to be similar to clove. When it was drying in the greenhouse, we thought it smelled like green bananas!

Holy basil is known to support immunity and has been revered throughout India for centuries. Ayurveda frequently incorporates this herb into healing treatments and supportive practices and believes the herb is a goddess incarnated in plant form (as the mother medicine of nature). Traditional Hindus worship personal altars bearing the plant.

We enjoy this herb as tea by itself or with other tulsi varietals.

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