Mugwort Powder



Botanical Name: Artemisia vulgaris

Much folklore surrounds this dreamy plant. The herb has been used as a flavor addition for food and beverages for many years, and even used to replace hops as a preservative in beer. Mugwort is believed to support lucid dreaming. The Latin name Artemisia is derived from the Goddess Artemis, who was a hunter of the woods and a symbol of fertility. Roman soldiers would put mugwort in their sandals to protect their feet from exhaustion. Native American cultures believed wearing mugwort provided protection from ghosts and evil spirits.

We find this herb to be the most difficult crop we harvest all season. Unfortunately, the dried herb is challenging to mill as well. This plant is a fighter and can survive difficult changes in climate. The herb thrived through the intense drought we experienced in 2020. We can often get two harvests in one season out of this perennial.

The taste is slightly bitter with minty sweet notes. We love to add this herb into aromatic dream pillows to sleep with at night, and our Farm Manager’s mom is quite crafty here. Mugwort is also greatly valued through its use in the art of moxibustion, where the powdered herb is placed on the skin and ignited, releasing heat.

Enjoy this magical herb in our Time to Unwind tea!

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