Lime Basil


Botanical Name: Ocimum citriodorum

A tropical plant, this herb loves direct sunlight, so we planted it at the home farm where there isn’t a lot of shade. Lime basil loves really hot, moist summers and so is difficult to produce reliably in New England. 2020 was our first year growing lime basil, and it struggled in the drought with lack of water, heat stress, and eventually low yields. The herb is very frost sensitive. We sowed the seeds in the greenhouse in the Spring. We transplanted it last of all of our herbs in the field so that it would be exposed to the warmest temperatures possible throughout our short season. We harvested the herb before flowering, because the leaves lose flavor once the herb develops flowers. 

We love this herb by itself as tea or added to culinary dishes that need an extra citrusy lift. We utilize this herb as we would dried basil, and find it helpful when trying to support anti-inflammatory issues.

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