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Botanical Name: Artemisia absinthium


Wormwood received its name from Artemis, the Greek name for Diana, who discovered the plant’s healing virtues and delivered them first to her father Chiron and then to humankind. Historically, a strong decoction of the herb was utilized to wash sickroom floors in an effort to purify them from the spread of illness. Hundreds of years ago, the herb was believed to provide a potential counter-poison against toadstools, hemlock, snake bites and other accidental poisonings. The herb was used to flavor beer before hops, which is surprising due to the herb’s intense bitter quality, though Germans are known for making wormwood wine.


We keep this herb in the ground for two to three years and find it will grow in any condition as it’s a widely adapted weed.


Wormwood is the chief ingredient in absinthe liqueur. This extremely bitter herb is used to invigorate and stimulate the digestion as well as mood. If you want to avoid the extreme bitter flavor, consume via capsule or consider making a weak tea to spray and discourage slugs, aphids and weevils.