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February 17, 2020

Foster Farm Botanicals Team Photo in Winter

Hi there friends, we thought we would take a minute to introduce ourselves and our expanding team here at the farm. We officially begin our 2020 season on Monday, March 16th when we will start seeding skullcap in the greenhouse. We are growing a more diverse selection of herbs this year including new basil varieties, catnip, Roman chamomile, elecampane, marigold, mints, red shiso, spilanthes and sweet annie!

My name is McLane, and I am the gal behind our blog and social media. I work closely with Benjamin, our Operations Manager, who started the farm with owners Peter and Annie in 2014. Donna lives in Calais and helps us with quality assurance and accounting. Lucy is also a neighbor and works in our warehouse filling and shipping orders. This spring, Lucy will be stepping into the greenhouse again to help us seed with Theresa. In May, our farm crew will arrive from Mexico. The same guys have been with us since the beginning. We utilize the government H2A program to bring Adan, Roberto, Luis and Juan up to Vermont from May through November. We are forever fortunate to know and work with these guys. Ben visited them at their homes on the island of Janitzio on Lake Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán during the off-season last year, and met their families and friends. 

The farm has been in Peter's family for over 200 years. Before we started growing botanicals six years ago, the farm was a dairy operation. Peter spent his summers on the farm growing up, and then moved here with Annie and their thriving business Annie's Naturals. The brick building where the offices of Annie's Naturals used to sit, now houses our seasonal farm crew. The old dairy barn now operates as our warehouse and mill. There is a rich history of Foster Farm, and our team works to continue to bring life and energy to the land, and carry on the spirit of its legacy. 

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