Thawing Out

March 12, 2020

Three Greenhouses on Foster Farm in Winter

We start plants this coming Monday in the greenhouses. Ben and Lucy brought down the seeder from the top level of the barn on Tuesday. We are replacing the plastic on one greenhouse today. Temps are in the high 40s this week, and the start of the 2020 season is feeling very real. 


We're growing a bunch of new crops this year, and just purchased organic seed for the 2020 season. We're revisiting elecampane root, which we grew a few years ago. We're excited to grow lime and Thai basils on a bigger scale this year. We're exploring Roman Chamomile for the first time, in addition to the German Chamomile we've grown in years past. Alongside our calendula, we'll be picking marigold blossoms, which we have found to be exceptionally meaty and fragrant. We're producing mints this year (!), we planted peppermint plugs last fall, and we'll be seeding spearmint in the next few weeks. We're also trying out red shiso for the first time, revisiting spilanthes and sweet annie, and expanding our holy basil line to include not only tulsi kapoor, but amrita and vana!

Very soon I'll be able to include fewer wintry images!

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