Our Crew

June 23, 2020

Rows of Fresh Herbs

As we are in the heat of the season, both literally and figuratively, we wanted to highlight the people who make our farm run. Pictures to come. 

Donna grew up in Calais, and works as our Administrative Manager.

Lucy lives in Calais, and works as our Fulfillment Manager. 

Ben lives at the farm, and is our Farm Operations Manager. 

McLane lives nearby, and is our Sales and Marketing Manager.

Peter and Annie own and live on the farm, and assist with Product Development, the Forest-Grown Verification program, and daily goings on.

Our incredible farm crew is comprised of five guys from Mexico, along with two locals Gregor and Teresa. We could not do this work without them. We utilize the government's H2A program to connect with our guys in Mexico. Adan, Roberto and Juan have been with us since we started the farm. Last year, Luis joined us, and this year, Hector joined us. The guys are from Janitizio Island in the state of Michoacán. We pay each of them $14.50/hour, provide comfortable housing on the farm, and pay for their travel to and from Mexico. We typically pick them up from the airport in Burlington, VT in mid-May, and drop them back off in mid-November. There is no possible way we could do this work without them. You don't see them pictured a lot, because with the tumult and unrest in their homeland, they prefer that we don't photograph them, and of course, we want to respect their privacy.

We are harvesting lemon balm, red clover blossoms, and Cal poppy this week! Stay cool out there, friends. 

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