Our CBD is Here!

March 30, 2020

CBD Full Spectrum Salve, Tinctures, Capsules

Today we launched our line of CBD products: original, peppermint, and maple tinctures and softgel capsules. We're so excited to finally share this labor of love with all of you.

The making of these products has been quite the journey. From growing and harvesting the hemp to extracting the herb to formulating and designing each product, every part of this process has been new and enlightening (and challenging at times) for us. 

Every step of the way was built on an expectation of quality and intention. We only want to produce the highest quality botanicals and products, and we treated our hemp and this product line as we treat all of our organic botanicals, with great care and intention. The quality of a product can only be as strong as the quality of the soil the plants are grown in, and we pride ourselves on the exceptional health and fertility of our fields. We grew our hemp in highly mineralized, upland, Northern Vermont loam, and every year we address nutrient deficiencies in order to improve our soil. 

Our label design is a section of a watercolor painting by Annie, co-owner of the farm. Annie also developed the recipes for our peppermint and maple tinctures, and salve. 

When we started this project over two years ago, we never thought our new product launch would look quite like this, at a time when much of the world is inside and at home: alone, with roommates, or with their families. Though in a way, the timing couldn't be more fitting. 

We're thinking about all of you, and plan to continue providing herbs for as long as possible. We're grateful to be able to offer CBD now as well. 

We've found solace in using our tinctures when stress arises or our capsules to get to sleep at night. We hope you too will find tranquil freedom, supportive self-care, and contented ease in your life at home with these products. Enjoy and be well. 

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