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April 12, 2020

Growing Hyssop Flowers


Well this isn't quite the April we expected! 

Now more than ever, we're finding connection, peace and grounding, by turning to botanicals for support. 


Avena sativa: Oatstraw

- Known for: Increasing strength and vitality of mind, body and spirit.

- Feels like: Soothing and strength-giving

- Experience in: Great base for light, flavorful herbs in tea! Also try in a bath!


Urtica dioica: Stinging Nettle

- Known for: High in nutrients and very bioavailable to the body.

- Feels like: Drying, nourishing, cleansing (makes you pee!)

- Experience in: Try as food (powdered as spice, or use in soup stock, also fresh pesto), or steep overnight with seaweed!

Enjoy in our Be Well Tea Blend



Hyssop Flower Blossoms

Hyssopus officinalis: Hyssop

- Known for: Nervine and respiratory support, drying mucus

- Feels like: Cleansing (induces sweating!), lung-opening

- Experience in: Great substitute for mint in meals (like in grain dishes), quite bitter - try in digestifs at home!


Plantago lanceolata: Plantain

- Known for: First-aid weed, anti-inflammatory, fellow species of psyllium (digestive support), stops itching and draws out toxins.

- Feels like: Mucilaginous (gooey), soothing

- Experience in: Great to add into herbal milks, stews and broth, wonderful for skin.


Melissa officinalis: Lemon Balm

- Known for: "Melissa" is Greek for "bee", stress relief, digestion support, and mental clarity.

- Feels like: Calming digestively and mentally, clarifying

- Experience in: Fantastic in vinegar, honey, oxymels (vinegar + honey), and tea.



Ocimum sanctum: Tulsi Kapoor (Holy Basil)

- Known for: Think of as the great protector: great for immune and digestive support, and inflammation.

- Feels like: Rejuvenating, balancing, calming and energizing

- Experience in: Ideal in tea, infusions, and syrups -- so tasty! Smells like bubblegum when we dry it at the farm! 

Enjoy in our Stress Adapt Tea Blend


Leonorus cardiaca: Motherwort

- Known for: Supportive for stress and anxious thinking. Nourishing to nervous system without being sedative. No coincidence that "cardiac" is in the Latin name! Gladdens the heart. 

- Feels like: Strength-giving during emotional ups and downs. 

- Experience in: Tasty in oxymel (vinegar + honey) or just vinegar or honey.



Echinacea purpurea: Echinacea

- Known for: Immune-stimulating, treats colds at first sign of infection (both bacterial and viral), keeps lymph and stagnation flowing!

- Feels like: Numbing to tongue, saliva-increasing

- Experience in: Can apply internally or topically. Both root and aerial portions are great to use! Try blending with ginger and lemonade. 

Try our Echinacea Tincture


Angelica archangelica: Angelica

- Known for: Digestive support and gas relief

- Feels like: Relieving, aromatizing, bitter

- Experience in: Gin recipes, digestifs, aperitifs, and mocktails

Enjoy in our Time to Unwind Tea Blend



Body Into Balance, Maria Noel Groves

Healing Wise, Susun S. Weed

The Healing Kitchen, Holly Bellebuono


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