The family settled in Calais, Vermont in the early 1800's  

For several generations it was a subsistence farm.  After a few generations a family member would go off to create a career and retire back to Vermont to oversee the running of the farm. 

Foster Homestead continued as a small dairy farm until 2012 when the last herd of cows were sold. For the first time in 100 years the number of Vermont farms started to increase as a result of an influx of new farmers specializing in organic and value added organic products. After 8 generations as a dairy farm we are exclusively selling organic medicinal herbs.

Peter loves farming and Annie loves plants, the two of us melded our interest and passions and established our organic medicinal herb farm: Foster Farm Botanicals. As the founders of Annie's Naturals, we are very particular about the method in which the plants are grown and harvested to insure cleanliness and quality. You can observe that the quality of the plants before and after harvest are exceptional and beautiful and we take great pride in providing this to our customers.